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Personal Branding
Personal Branding Gems for Women
The Value of Personal Branding The value of Personal Branding has become a force that we, as women, can no longer ignore. How you present yourself physically, professionally and digitally, influences how others perceive you. Personal Branding specialist Franziska Schaat says “Personal branding is not a “nice to have” accessory, it’s your “must-have” outfit in […]
Soar Values
Equipping Teachers to Improve Student’s Moral Values at School
Imagine a school where morals and values are a top priority and where learners treat their teachers and peers with respect. Various studies accentuate the importance of life skills teaching but sadly, in most schools, this is not the case. The biggest challenge is often due to teachers not having sufficient time to focus on […]
Future of the Workplace
The Future of the Workplace
The future of the workplace is changing rapidly. Automation, robotics and mechanisation are reducing jobs at a rapid rate, particularly in the clerical and vocational fields. The digital disruption of the 4th industrial revolution is changing the future workplace for our children. Not only will they be competing against equally qualified candidates, but with technology as well. […]
Developing a Growth Mindset Strategy
Growth Mindset Part 3: Developing a Growth Mindset Strategy
In our last article, we looked at how failure and rediscovering a love for learning are key components in developing a growth mindset. This week, I’m going to focus on Developing a Growth Mindset Strategy.   Read: Growth Mindset Part 2: How To Change Your Relationship With Failure And Learning   Key aspects of developing […]