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Failure and Learning
Growth Mindset Part 2: How to change your Relationship with Failure and Learning
In our last instalment, we introduced you to Dr Carol Dweck’s concept of Growth Mindset and why you would benefit from adopting it. This week, we begin the journey of developing a growth mindset to help you face the 4th industrial revolution head-on; and transform into an efficient and confident 21st century administrative professional. An […]
Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset Part 1: What is a Growth Mindset and why does it matter?
Administrative professionals find themselves in a very peculiar place in the industry today. All this talk of the 4th Industrial Revolution and jobs being on the line can be so frightening because you’re expected to prepare for something that’s yet to be fully defined.  What impact will this have on your organisation? More importantly, what […]
Habits of a Successful Assistant
The Habits of a Successful Assistant
We all have our own work habits – some good and some possibly not so great. Your habits should improve your efficiency, your effectiveness and help you grow further in your career. If they aren’t and your motivation and productivity are at an all-time low, then you need to rid yourself of the bad habits […]
Futureproofing Yourself: Enjoying Longevity in your Career
Gone are the days where the main requirements for administrative professionals are solely to type documents and answer phones. In a constantly evolving world, one needs to have a varying array of skills, to have a long-lasting career. Acquiring new skills and planning your development for the future is what’s known as futureproofing yourself. Futureproofing […]