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Why Career Development is Important for Administrative Professionals
Why Career Development is Important for Administrative Professionals: When the topic of career development and training comes up, the assumption that most people have is that it is usually reserved only for managers or specialists. Especially since most people associate professional development with a fancy “Black Belt” course or the specialist training seminars that professionals […]
PACSA 2017
Why attending PACSA 2017 is a MUST for all Administrative Professionals
Why attending PACSA 2017 is a MUST for all Administrative Professionals: To become a successful professional administrator, you need to have multiple skills and be adaptable to any challenges that you face in your job. However, a truly successful administrator isn’t just phenomenal in the office; they are just as fantastic and successful in their […]
New Public and Onsite Courses
CBM Training has just introduced the following new courses available as public short courses and customised onsite training: (click on a course to view details) Interviewing & Recruiting the Right People for Your Company Everyday Performance Management That Works Conducting Meaningful and Powerful Meetings Powerful Customer Service “Lessons from the Hospitality Sector” Improve Your Analytical […]
Check out our new Accredited Short Courses!
Due to the demand from our clients for fully aligned accredited courses, we are now offering a series of short skills courses with assessment, fully aligned to an individual Unit Standard. Delegates attending these courses will be able to complete a Portfolio of Evidence which, when assessed and found competent, will earn credits that they […]