Welding Application and Practice - NQF Level 2 Qualification

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Welding Application and Practice

Welding Application and Practice: Manufacturing & Engineering – NQF Level 2

Welding Application and Practice Qualification Details:


Qualification ID: 58534 – NQF Level 2
Credits: 158
Modules: 6
Duration: 12 Months

The purpose of this Welding Application and Practice Qualification is to provide learners with the standards and the range of learning required to work effectively in the welding industry and to meet the challenges of such an environment. The welding industry operates in a competitive and challenging environment. The finishing processes have to respond to a variety of exacting customer and consumer requirements. In addition, the industry has to respond to International competition and environmental issues.

Welding Application and Practice Course Outline:

1. Fundamental Communication

2. Fundamental Numeracy

3. Engineering Hand Skills

4. TIG Welding

5. MIG Welding

6. Safety in the Workplace

Course Requirements:

Communication and Numeracy Competency at ABET Level 3.

BEE Benefits:

Skills development is a priority element which amounts to 20 points (and 5 bonus points) of the total scorecard points. The minimum of 40% of the points within this element must be scored to avoid dropping a level.

Companies can only score points on skills development if there is sufficient evidence indicating that previously disadvantaged are being trained in scarce and critical skills. This means that a company can include training conducted on any person that satisfies the definition of black as per the BEE Codes of Good Practice regardless of employment status.

What can you Claim?

You can claim the R 31, 500 paid per learner back as a “Mandatory Grant” from your Skills Development Levy.

In addition, you can submit a claim to your SETA for a Discretionary Grant per learner, which will be paid directly to you if successful. However, these Grants are not always awarded, so they should be treated as an “Extra” when considering the business case for a Learnership.




12 Months

Price R31,500.00 excl. 15% VAT

R31,500.00 excl. 15% VAT

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