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CBM Training offers a series of skills programmes, fully aligned to a bundle of related Unit Standards for a particular learnership. Delegates attending these courses will be able to complete a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) for each Unit Standard of the Skills Programme which, when assessed and found competent, will earn credits that can accumulate towards a SETA qualification.
Technical Managers Development Programme

Management Skills for Technical Managers Development Programme

Being promoted to management is a big deal. The new responsibilities that come with the promotion can easily overwhelm any new manager. If you’ve been promoted through technical achievement, it can sometimes be even harder to grasp the nuances of people management – and the new challenge of succeeding in your role only if your people succeed in theirs.

Through a process of intense training, workplace experience and evidence collection, this intensive 9-day management skills programme will develop your managerial competencies and teach you how to manage and lead a team of technical personnel successfully.

This skills programme encompasses 3 Unit Standards – and once you have completed the training and been deemed competent after your assessments, you will have 30 credits towards the nationally recognised Generic Management Level 4 qualification.

Unit Standards Addressed in this Programme:
242824 – Apply Leadership Concepts in a Workplace Context (12 credits)
242819 – Motivate and Build a Team (10 credits)
11473 – Manage Individual and Team Performance (8 credits)






9 Days

Price R19,125.00 excl. 15% VAT

R19,125.00 excl. 15% VAT

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