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CBM Training offers a range of computer courses specifically tailored to suit your requirements. The courses range from beginner to advanced level and course duration varies depending on experience and customisation.
MS Word

Microsoft Word Advanced Level 3

Our new ranges of Microsoft Office Courses are designed to take your PC skills from Basic all the way to Advanced level, one step at a time.

You’ll learn how to be effective and efficient in your everyday work, with a thorough understanding of how the Microsoft Office Suite can support you no matter the level of skill you are at. We have a Microsoft course for you!

MS Word Intermediate is followed by this MS Word Level 3 Advanced Course which is for those who want to gain skills necessary to manage long documents, collaborate with others and secure documents.

Pre-requisite: Training on MS Word Beginners (Level 1) and MS Word (Level 2) Intermediate or equivalent knowledge. Students enrolling in this seminar should understand the basics of Windows and have experience working with MS Word. Specifically, students should at least know how to create styles, templates, and save documents as Web pages.



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