Business Courses

Business Skills Courses

CBM Training provides a range of courses designed to help delegates hone their business skills to improve productivity in the workplace. Our Business Skills Courses are delivered by a faculty of highly qualified consultants who are not merely lecturers but rather specialists consulting in their particular field. They have greater insight into the market and a fuller understanding of delegate needs and deliver Business Courses which are practical in nature and extremely relevant to the current market.
Conducting Meaningful and Powerful Meetings

Conducting Meaningful and Powerful Meetings

Meetings can be the bane of working life, whether you are running the meeting, or a participant in someone else’s meeting. You have probably been in at least one meeting where you thought “Do I really need to be here?” or “Is this meeting really necessary?” Apart from an obvious massive waste of time, unnecessary meetings can also cost your company thousands of Rands in costs such as printing, catering and productivity.

The corollary however is also true. Necessary, well run and productive meetings are the pivot around which good decisions, innovation and business growth spin. They drive motivation, delegate responsibility and ultimately achieve results. It is these types of meetings that need to be organised, run and emulated in order to achieve your objectives. Instead of just accepting meetings as a necessary evil, we need to challenge and improve their effectiveness.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Arranging and running powerful meetings that have clear objectives and produce results

– Knowing when a meeting is not the answer and opt for one of the other alternatives

– Ensuring that only the most relevant participants are invited

– Managing disruptive or verbose meeting attendants effectively, ensuring that the meeting is not prolonged unnecessarily

– Getting the creative juices flowing with proven icebreakers or brain-storming techniques that garner active participation and focus on ideas

– Using best practice action lists and minutes so everyone is aware of the meeting’s conclusions and their responsibilities

– Options to use technology to ensure objectives are noted, results monitored and actions are ensured




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Price R2,950.00 excl. 14% VAT

R2,950.00 excl. 14% VAT

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