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CBM Training provides a range of courses designed to help delegates hone their business skills to improve productivity in the workplace. Our Business Skills Courses are delivered by a faculty of highly qualified consultants who are not merely lecturers but rather specialists consulting in their particular field. They have greater insight into the market and a fuller understanding of delegate needs and deliver Business Courses which are practical in nature and extremely relevant to the current market.
Improve your Analytical Skills "Making Business Information WORK for you!"

Improve your Analytical Skills “Making Business Information WORK for you!”

As a manager, when you want to make a major decision, you need to do research, which inevitably results in business information overload as you are inundated with information from various online and printed sources.

You need to be able to filter out relevant facts and figures, assess the credibility and accuracy of the information, rapidly assimilate and evaluate this information and use it to effectively make your decision.

New product development, purchasing changes, new strategic direction – all of these business imperatives (and more) rely on the ability to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data you’re faced with.

If you are able to effectively analyse and interpret the data, you can make important decisions, spot trends and act on opportunities. This Improve you Analytical Skills course will provide proven techniques, methodologies and simple ways to improve your analytical skills so you can use business information to make more informed and successful business decisions!

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Realise the importance of clearly understanding objectives before embarking on an information gathering excercise

– Put together a comprehensive data gathering plan to ensure all relevant information is captured, so conclusions are more likely to be accurate

– Save time and frustration by learning how to easily organise information from multiple sources into various formats

– Categorise data accurately for easy analysis and quickly pick up contradictory data

– Analyse the data, recognise trends and determine their meaning and impact on the business – and then clearly communicate their findings

– Discover proven techniques to present the conclusions from the research that will secure buy-in






The Mecure Hotel (Bedfordview)


10 November 2017 (JHB)


08h00, 17h00


1 Day

Price R2,950.00 excl. 14% VAT

R2,950.00 excl. 14% VAT

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