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CBM Training provides a range of Administrative and Secretarial Skills Courses for Secretaries, PA’s and administrators which are designed to increase productivity and improve organisational skills. Our courses offer practical exercises paired with best practice and industry knowledge which focus on equipping delegates with tools to allow top efficiency and success in their day-to-day work lives.

The Secrets of Success for Secretaries and PAs

The Secrets of Success for Secretaries and PAs

Highly successful secretaries and PAs all have some things in common. They have attended one of our Secretarial courses! Just joking. What they have in common is that they are seen as a super valuable resource to their bosses and they continue to surprise and delight their employers with the value that they add to all those around them.

While solid technical know-how is, of course, vital in the role, there are some very key “Softer Skills” that a great secretary needs to master in order to become a truly valuable to their organisation.

This intensive 1 day Secrets of Success for Secretaries and PAs training course focuses on the top skills you need to master in order to truly add value. It addresses key performance areas like being proactive rather than reactive, improving your productivity through task, priority and time management, learning appropriate business communication styles in different situations, appropriate office conduct, staying away from gossip groups and much, much more. If you would like to advance in your role as an administrator, secretary or PA, this course will provide you with the practical skills you need.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Sure-fire ways to work closely with your managers to provide the right, proactive support they need from you
– Always conducting yourself in the most professional manner to maintain office co-operation and harmony
– Managing chaos effortlessly and calmly as you prioritise and organise your day, your manager’s day and make others work your way!
– New techniques to influence others to help you meet new managers objectives, even if they are from different departments
– Discovering appropriate ways to interact with people of different levels in various business situations like meetings, confrontations and after-hours functions
– Some simple but effective stress management techniques to get you through difficult days when things go wrong
– Candidly assessing your own strengths and limitations and working on these to make sure you succeed

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3 February 2020 (JHB), 5 June 2020 (JHB)


1 Day




Corporate Conference Centre (Dowerglen)

Price R3,450.00 excl. 15% VAT

R3,450.00 excl. 15% VAT


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