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CBM Training provides a range of administrative skills courses for Secretaries, PA’s and administrators which are designed to increase productivity and improve organisational skills. Our courses offer practical exercises paired with best practice and industry knowledge which focus on equipping delegates with tools to allow top efficiency and success in their day-to-day work lives.

Using Emotional Intelligence as a Secretary / PA

Using Emotional Intelligence as a Secretary / PA

As a Secretary, you need to use highly developed emotional intelligence skills daily to successfully navigate hectic workloads, conflicting priorities, prickly personalities, demanding colleagues, bosses and clients.

All of these situations have the potential to seriously drain your emotional reserves and negatively impact your productivity.

Understanding why your boss, colleagues and customers react the way they do will enable you to handle conflict calmly and professionally, and alleviate people related work-stress, freeing up your emotional reserves to focus on your tasks and become more efficient and productive.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Understanding and altering your own behaviour by examining how you interact and react in everyday situations

– Avoiding relationship damage by following practical guidelines for managing your emotions on “bad” days

– Ensuring your reactions are appropriate and constructive by understanding what drives people to act the way they do

– Dealing calmly with conflict situations, difficult people and stressful times by knowing how to respond in an emotionally intelligent way

– Getting results through others easily by learning how to work in an emotionally intelligent way within your team

– Developing a more positive approach to work and live by using your newfound, heightened EQ to become more motivated, considerate and influential






Corporate Conference Centre (Dowerglen)


3 November 2017 (JHB)


08h00- 17h00


1 Day

Price R2,950.00 excl. 14% VAT

R2,950.00 excl. 14% VAT



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