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Excelling in MS Excel

Excelling at MS Excel

Become more productive and self-reliant by mastering the world’s most popular productivity tool! A recent study identified that almost 750 million people worldwide use MS Excel but most are just scratching at the surface of what Excel can do for them in business.

Many people think of MS Excel as a sophisticated “number crunching” program to be used mainly by financial departments to show figures and by others to simply keep records. In truth, MS Excel is a powerful business tool that should be used by every person in an organisation to store, analyse and present data in order to make better business and managerial decisions.

This 3-day “Excelling in MS Excel” course will grow your knowledge of the programme exponentially, introducing you to new ways of using the programme and teaching you the skills needed to organise, calculate, evaluate and find data quickly and efficiently. You will cover correct ways to set up and link spreadsheets and discover how to use “built” in specialist capabilities such as Functions, Macros, PivotTables and Data Validation tools that we all know exist, but don’t really know how to effectively use.

We guarantee that if you attend this programme, you will go back and redesign your spreadsheets, making them more efficient and effective as a business tool to support your role in the organisation, allowing you to do more in less time, with Excel, than you ever have in the past.

Our 3 day “Excelling in MS Excel” training course will help you to unlock the full potential of one of the most powerful business tools at your disposal – helping you to stand out from your colleagues, improving the quality of your analysis and decisions and assisting in your own professional development.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Recapping some of the important MS Excel Skills needed to capture and prepare your data correctly for more advanced analysis
– Learning to design high-quality spreadsheets with data laid out and listed intelligently and usefully
– Using Excel to automate What-If Analysis and Forecast Sheets to “predict the future” to assist in making informed business decisions
– Discovering some key MS Excel functions you did not know about that will enhance your ability to perform data manipulation and automate your day-to-day tasks
– Working with advanced Excel MATCH and INDEX functions to better analyse your data and extract the information you are looking for
– Understanding the fuss about PivotTables – Using these to rapidly summarise large amounts of data into easy-to-read and export reports you can use to inform your managers and colleagues
– Incorporating “SparkLines” into your PivotTables to showcase data trends such as Sales fluctuations, increased Marketing ROI or decreasing suppliers costs
– Uncovering some amazingly powerful shortcuts that can help you navigate around complex spreadsheets, many of which can be used across the entire MS Office suite of programmes

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R4,250.00 excl. 15% VAT


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