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Practical Credit Management

Practical Credit Management

The primary goal of any credit department is to protect the company’s profitability by ensuring that the money due to the company is collected on time and in full.

To achieve their primary goal, credit departments must have a sound credit assessment and collections policy in place to identify and minimise risk that may lead to debt write-offs and / or non-recovery.

This 1 day Practical Credit Management course will demonstrate how to implement proactive debt limiting procedures within the current South African Collections legal framework, such as doing comprehensive credit assessments, using defined credit policies, credit limits, authority levels and escalation procedures – ensuring credit provision in your business is managed properly.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Understanding the dangers of supplying your goods or services without a robust credit application form
– Placing importance on conducting debtor assessment
– Reviewing the comprehensiveness of your company’s credit policy and rules
– Maintaining proper records of paperwork relating to assessments and managing credit in your company
– Developing and implementing a sustainable debt collection strategy
– Utilising credit collection targets to focus your team
– Coaching, explaining and building social collection ethics
– Spotting common warning signals that may be saying we have a problem

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1 Day




Corporate Conference Centre (Dowerglen)

Price R3,950.00 excl. 15% VAT

R3,950.00 excl. 15% VAT


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