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Using Excel for Advanced Financial and Business Analysis

Using MS Excel for Financial Modelling and other Financial Analysis Functions

In business, every decision has an impact on the overall performance of the organisation. To ensure success it is vital that you are able to manipulate and analyse large amounts of data effectively and efficiently, and this requires you to be highly proficient in MS Excel. This highly practical and intensive course will demonstrate how MS Excel can be used effectively for Data Consolidation & Manipulation, Financial Modelling, Scenario Analysis as well as creating professional Reporting Dashboards containing vital business data, forecasts and projections.

The ever-changing business environment has made it more important than ever for business professionals to accurately forecast volatile economic inputs.  Being able to better analyse financial data, predict revenues and costs and assess risks to justify business decisions will give your organisation the best chance of success in today’s competitive environment.

This course is aimed at Financial Managers and other business professionals who need to develop their understanding of MS Excel to better analyse the financial drivers of their business, and understand the impact that business decisions can have on an organisation’s financial performance.

NOTE: At least 2 years’ experience working with Excel in a financial function is a pre-requisite for this course

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Easily monitoring financial performance by implementing best practice for creating spreadsheets that track profit and cost variation, sensitivity and margin analysis.
– Understanding the most common uses of Financial Modelling, and how to develop models to enable you to make better business decisions
– Streamlining your data management, importing and analysis process by using advanced features such as DDE and OLE to link data from a variety of sources
– Learning to write Macros that will enable you to regularly perform complex multi-stepped tasks in a fraction of the time
– Introducing some of the advanced Excel Formulas that you will find you can’t live without
– Creating powerful Pivot Tables that will enable you to analyse data for trends and make more accurate forecasts
– Mitigating risk and making better business decisions by learning various approaches to “What-If” analysis that will enable you to play out a variety of financial scenarios
– Using “Regression Analysis” and “Smoothing Techniques” to create practical business forecasts and projections that will lead to better business decisions
– Creating easy-to-read reports using dashboards and charts that link back to the business analysis objectives

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13-14 November 2019 (JHB)


2 Days




Corporate Conference Centre (Dowerglen)

Price R5,975.00 excl. 15% VAT

R5,975.00 excl. 15% VAT


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