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CBM Training provides a range of Administrative and Secretarial Skills Courses for Secretaries, PA’s and administrators which are designed to increase productivity and improve organisational skills. Our courses offer practical exercises paired with best practice and industry knowledge which focus on equipping delegates with tools to allow top efficiency and success in their day-to-day work lives.

Understanding Finance, Accounts and Budgets for Secretaries

Understanding Finance, Accounts and Budgets for Secretaries and PAs

* Aligned to Unit Standard 14353 (3 credits) in the Business Administration Level 2 Qualification.
The Unit Standard Assessment is optional and charged at an additional fee of R1,450 Ex VAT per delegate.

Understanding how and why a business operates is a fundamental skill for all senior secretaries and aspiring PAs. This knowledge will enable you to provide your manager with informed administrative support when taking minutes, writing reports, drafting summaries and collating documents – all activities that you do on an ongoing basis.

Your manager needs these documents to be accurate to make business decisions, and knowing what you are writing about can only assist in your precision.

This practical 2-day course explains how accounts work and will demystify all the terms and jargon that the accountants are so fond of using. It also looks at the purpose and uses that managers make of company’s accounts and the key things they look for when analysing them.

Once you have gained a clear understanding of how finance and accounts work, you will become more efficient – both at the office and even at managing your own personal finances!

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Fundamental financial terms and accounting jargon: what they really mean and how to use them when producing reports and documents
– A step by step build-up of the logic behind financial statements, and why each type of account is important to management
– How managers make use of financial information to make business decisions, evaluate performance and warn of potential problems
– What the logic is behind costs and costings, and how profit in a company is achieved, maintained and recorded in the accounts
– Why budgets are so important to a company, and how they can be prepared to assist those using and monitoring them on an on-going basis
– Why so many people are concerned with cash flow, and how anything that can be done to improve cash flow will help a company’s stability and results

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2 Days




Corporate Conference Centre (Dowerglen)

Price R4,250.00 excl. 15% VAT

R4,250.00 excl. 15% VAT

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