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Applying Practical Stress Management Techniques to Raise Productivity

Applying Practical Stress Management Techniques to Raise Productivity

Stress is unfortunately an inescapable reality. The current workplace environment has become the ideal breeding ground for stress and stress-related illnesses. If left unaddressed, stress inevitably leads to a decline in productivity, increased management pressures and higher absenteeism rates. Employers therefore need to strive towards a less stressed work environment and recognise when stress starts becoming a major problem for themselves, and their staff, and take positive action to reduce it.

Did you know that 80% of all illnesses paid for by Medical Aids are stress related?

As always, prevention is better than cure. This practical 1-day training course will provide those who feel stressed with ideas, techniques and a toolbox of skills to deal and live with the most common forms of work stress. These can be applied to themselves and to colleagues and subordinates to actively manage and reduce company stress levels. Don’t wait until stress causes burnout or an irreparable office “explosion”. Act now and move into a more harmonious, more productive work environment.

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Ways to recognise symptoms of stress –  both yours and your staff’s – and taking the necessary early action to prevent burn-out
– Methods for improving resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity
– New approaches for managing stress associated with ineffective old habits and work practices
– Techniques for identifying why some people handle stress more effectively than others – and using this information to effectively manage yourself and your team
– Tools for increasing your personal productivity and improving your ability to make decisions when the pressure is on
– Identifying regular stressful situations at your work that can’t change and some new and creative ways of dealing with the stress associated with them
– Rational thinking: what it is and how to use it to manage everyone’s stress levels

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11 December 2019 (JHB)


1 Day




Corporate Conference Centre (Dowerglen)

Price R3,950.00 excl. 15% VAT

R3,950.00 excl. 15% VAT


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