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Effective Skills for Resolving Customer Complaints

Effective Skills for Resolving Customer Complaints

We all have them. Customers who are livid, who seem unreasonable and who demand satisfaction immediately. If you’re at the sharp end of this particular stick, you have been handed a significant responsibility. It’s up to you to save your organisation’s reputation, by resolving customer complaints and creating loyal customers.

This is no small responsibility – and requires skill, patience and resilience. Have you been given all the tools necessary to competently deal with whatever is thrown at you?

Are you able to calmly extricate the true reason for the complaint? Can you take an angry customer and turn them into a brand ambassador? If you feel that you could do with a little help, then this course is for you! If customer complaints are regularly spoiling your day, this Effective Skills for Resolving Customer Complaints course may be just what you are looking for!

Your comprehensive programme includes:

– Obtaining proven techniques and practical guidelines to calm the caller down and get to the underlying source of the dissatisfaction; so that you can start solving or mitigating the problem
– Gaining exposure to a range of “softer skills” such as active listening, choice negotiation, demonstrating empathy, building relationships and the psychology of angry people
– Understanding the different ways to deal effectively with complaints when they come via telephone, email, sms, in person or social media
– Looking into the psychology and emotions behind the issue – and using this understanding to deal more effectively with the complaint
– Taking corrective measures to ensure the same problems don’t reoccur with the same client!
– Closing the circle! Ensuring the client receives feedback and follow-up, thereby assuring them of your dedication to great customer service

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R3,950.00 excl. 15% VAT


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