Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is fast-becoming one of the most important and powerful attributes for administrative professionals. It’s a common buzzword which has a significant impact on all facets of our lives, but more so in the workplace.

Back in the day, people were solely judged on their IQ. But the world has changed and the power of emotional intelligence has risen! It’s become so significant that your EQ can either make or break your reputation as an administrative professional.

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What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient can be defined as the extent to which you’re able to recognise and ultimately manage your own emotions – regardless of the environment, you’re in. Since we spend most of our time at work, surrounded by people with very different personalities, your EQ can help you to be in control of your environment and your interactions with others.

What makes Emotional Intelligence so Powerful?

The science behind emotional intelligence is that if you’re aware of your own emotions, you’re in a better position to control them. Self-awareness also helps you to empathise with others. People with a high EQ can recognise when other people’s emotions are being triggered and how to react accordingly.

Emotional Intelligence solves Workplace Conflicts

Conflicts in the workplace are bound to happen but developing your EQ can help you resolve them. We all have bad days and so do the people that we interact with. Keeping your emotions in check can prevent damaging any professional relationships on these bad days. Strengthening your EQ will also help you to deal with conflict or stressful situations in a calm and emotionally intelligent way.

Your Relationship with your Boss will improve

Assistants and administrative professionals, who have a great relationship with their boss, all have one thing in common – a powerful EQ! If you can take any valid criticism constructively, and not personally, you’re likely to also improve your performance and become more motivated. You will also be able to pick up when your boss is in a bad mood and when to give them their space to cool down.

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Emotional intelligence also gives you a more positive and energetic outlook on life. In your own capacity, your motivation and productivity rise. People are likely to respond and feel more comfortable working with you. Your colleagues will see you as someone who is approachable and rational when there is a problem. Developing your emotional intelligence is an ongoing process but with the power it has and the opportunities it presents, it’s definitely worth the effort.


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