Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Realising the True Power of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is fast-becoming one of the most important and powerful attributes for administrative professionals. It’s a common buzzword which has a significant impact on all facets of our lives, but more so in the workplace. Back in the day, people were solely judged on their IQ. But the world has changed and the […]

Work Smarter Not Harder
Learn from the Pros how to “Work Smarter and Not Harder” at PACSA 2018

You’ve probably heard the popular saying“work smarter and not harder” countless times. Yet we are all probably guilty of falling into this trap over and over again, as we get pulled in a million different directions and battle to prioritise our workload and systematically work through it. So does that mean that we’re always going […]

PACSA 2017
Why attending PACSA 2017 is a MUST for all Administrative Professionals

Why attending PACSA 2017 is a MUST for all Administrative Professionals: To become a successful professional administrator, you need to have multiple skills and be adaptable to any challenges that you face in your job. However, a truly successful administrator isn’t just phenomenal in the office; they are just as fantastic and successful in their […]